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Thank you for considering joining the OS Theme Club family! Yes, we do custom templates. Whatever you want, we’ll make it happen. By joining the Template Club for 1 year, you are entitled to an unlimited amount of concurrent templates!

Step One: To join, click the Join US button to sign up for our services. Please make sure that all of your information is 100% valid, because without valid information, we will be unable to give you the kind of customer service you deserve. You may pick the package that appeals to you and/or your company. Say for instance, you’re a company that doesn’t revamp the site design very often. Our Three month plan(You can download all product in three months) or Single licensed(You can download one product) would be perfect for you! For a company that may change the design frequently, maybe you would like a yearly plan, where you can get as many templates or extensions as you would like. Through your joining OS Theme Club, you no longer have to search the web for the template you like. It’s all here! After this has done, proceed onwards with step two.

Step two: If you are happy with the ones currently on our site, then joining OS Theme Club gives you access to many of our templates, themes or extensions. You can find the one you like, and we will work with you on integrating your content into it.

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