OS Virtuemart Products

OS Virtuemart Products



One of the advance of OS Virtuemart Product was the columns and pagination handling. It can limit how many product in 1 page you want to show and automatically create pagination correlative to it.
With fading animation and link directly to selected category, this module can surely be your most used module on your website.

The Extension is working with VIRTUEMART v1.1.X, VIRTUEMART 2.X and VIRTUEMART 3 as well.

Available for Joomla 1.5, Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x

Parameter Options

All parameter options for the OS VM product module.

Type Products
Type of products which items are used for the OS VM Product. Example: lastest product.Show Product Price
Show Product price of notShow Add-To-Cart Link
Show Add-To-Cart Link or notCategory ID
Type of category which items are used for the OS VM Product. Example 1,5,6No. displayed products
This defines the number of products which will be displayed in the module.Products per page
Products per page.No. Columns
This defines the number of columns which will be displayed in the module.

Enable Slide
Enable Slide or not

Fade Effect
Effect while loading product.

Auto Slide
Auto go to next page or not

And some more paramaters…


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