Best OpenCart Extensions for Your E-commerce

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Best OpenCart Extensions for Your E-commerce

When running an online store it’s important to make your work easier and improve the performance of the store. That’s where dedicated CMS add-ons can do the trick! Keep reading and check what are the best OpenCart Extensions for e-commerce!

If you’re looking to create an online store for your business, OpenCart is one of the most respected platforms that will help you fulfill your ambitions.

OpenCart takes the difficulty out of programming your site, for simple customization of an e-commerce store that will take your business to another level.

There are many themes to choose from, meaning you can make your store look as appealing as possible to convert prospective customers.

Having installed OpenCart, you can incorporate incredible features within your online store by taking advantage of extensions. With extensions, you can maximize the efficiency of your store, while creating a personalized, seamless experience for customers.

But what are some of the best OpenCart extensions on the market you may ask? Well, here are some of the top add-ons that can transcend your store from basic to comprehensive:

Here are some of the best add-ons for transforming your store into a haven for consumers:

Import Product from Amazon
This extension allows you to get information like product title, images, SKU, model, and meta tag values from Amazon product listings. This is a great way to speed up the writing product descriptions process since you can extract all of the valuable information from any optimized Amazon listing. However, remember it’s crucial to always optimize the product description for better SEO results.

This is extremely handy, where you can even generate an SEO URL for the product in question. As well as being an exceptional time-saving tool, this extension is perfect for ensuring you can attain high-quality product information for items being sold in your store.
What’s great is its effortless execution, where you can receive all product information and images in a single click. You’ll also benefit from free support available at any time.

Option Pack
This module reaches our list of the best OpenCart extensions as it is a great way to create a separate view of options to make the customer’s life that much easier. By implementing this add-on, buyers can specify how many different versions of the same product they need without having to make separate orders.
Each individual option selected is treated as a separate product, meaning customers don’t have to make unnecessary steps when adding products to their cart.

This extension works by enabling the seller to set up additional buy buttons within the same product listing for categories like quantity, image, and more.

No e-commerce store is complete without an eye-catching banner that draws the consumer’s attention and encourages them to stay on your website. With the Upbanner module, you can effortlessly create a banner, specifying numerous details en route to designing something captivating.

What’s great about this add-on is the personalization features, which enable you to modify things like background color, radius, the width of the border, font, and so much more. Once you’re capable of using this foolproof method for customization, you can create as many separate banners as you like and relish the results.

It’s common for other stores to learn from each other when it comes to product descriptions. Writers often use product descriptions from different stores as a basis for generating content for their stores.

That doesn’t mean to say content is stolen from other websites, simply used as a foundation for other exploits. With Anticop, if another website uses information from your website, the extension ensures the content you add to your store is custom. When anyone copies content from your store, it will automatically link back to your original content to indicate you were the originator of said material.

Advanced PDF Catalog
This intuitive add-on allows you to generate PDF documents with significant information from previous consumer purchases/previous products selected by visitors to your store.

You can effortlessly extract information about images, prices, titles, and other data loaded from your store, allowing access to in-depth insights into your clientele.

The information you export can be easily sent on in emails, printed, or shared elsewhere. You also perform other advanced functions like merging filtered products into single lists, making simple modifications to templates, storing product lists for future regeneration, and so much more. Definitely, one of the best extensions to get to know when dealing with OpenCart!

With CCAvenue you can easily implement payment options on your store, facilitating international payments which are secure and protected.

CCAvenue tackles real-time encryption, facilitating onsite payments, internet banking, mobile payments, and more.

Its currency processing is second to none. What’s most important is you can implement payment options that allow your customers to buy with confidence, while safeguarding them from potential cyberthreats.

Custom Shipping Methods
This elite extension allows you to create unlimited shipping options using different parameters. You can specify shipping methods based on parameters like order subtotal, order weight, cost per weight unit, customer zone, customer group, and more.

By doing so, consumers can easily configure a shipping method that suits their individual requirements. The specific shipping cost worked out for each order is calculated using the information provided by customers, meaning every consumer will have their own personalized shipping rate based on factors like how far the parcel has to travel to reach its destination.

Advanced Postal Code Tool
With this useful tool, you can easily set up postcode-based shipping methods and payment gateways. This extension allows you to set up geographical restrictions based on the outer limits of where you can ship products to.

You can configure shipping charges accordingly, where users can search for their postcode in a box and check product availability for their region. The module is quick to install and provides a great way to segment your target audience based on location.

Product Compare
With Product Compare, you can add checkboxes to your products so customers can effortlessly compare products. When consumers can easily compare products within your store, there’s a greater chance they’ll stay on your website and be converted into paying customers.

Visitors can effortlessly tick boxes for advanced product comparisons, something that will differentiate your store from the competition.

Another great tool for importing product information, Multiscraper is a great way to extract product information from renowned websites like Amazon. By executing automatic bulk product uploads, you can effortlessly integrate essential product information and create an advanced catalog of products.

What’s great about this extension is it takes the legwork out of writing product descriptions, giving you more time to focus on core competencies.

Best OpenCart Extensions for E-commerce – Summary
Running an online store is not an easy task. As each CMSes have their own limitations and specificities it’s important to find add-ons that will suit your individual needs and make your work easier. Let us know which extension you want to try and what are your favorite e-commerce extensions for e-commerce!


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