Earn money with Teepublic

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Earn money with Teepublic

What is Teepublic?

Teepublic is a print-on-demand website with over 75+ products to choose from. Even having many counterparts in the market, Teepublic manages to have a fair share of it, with over 6 million visitors each month it is one of the most popular print-on-demand websites in the United States.

How does Teepublic works?

Just like any other print-on-demand website Teepublic has a similar functioning…

You as a designer create a design that is to be printed on a T-shirt (say) if someone orders it you as a designer gets your profits and the rest from printing to shipping is taken care of by Teepublic.

Here is an infographic explaining the whole process.

List of  Products Offered By Teepublic

With over 75 plus products the most common products that you will find on Teepublic are shown in the infographic below

Tshirts are the most common of all the products available on Teepublic.

If you are a buyer you can buy the products selected by the designer for their listing.

If you are a designer you can print on any of the 75+ products. Choosing products totally depends on you.

Any Downside of Teepublic? (buyers perspective)

Before you start questioning Teepublic with your skeptical minds I would like to STOP you by letting you know that, no product or service ever created has been perfect.

Throughout my research/experiences, I found people rarely complaining about the wrong product being delivered to them another disadvantage which you would like to point to is that it does not have any contact details where you can directly call their customer executive.

But, that’s not a big problem as they have their email and chat option available for a specific period on weekdays (you will find more about contacting Teepublic below)

Keep reading, you are also going to learn how you can start your own print-on-demand business with Teepublic with little to no money.

Is Teepublic Legit? (buyers perspective)

Before I begin explaining why Teepublic is legit…blah blah… you must check what it is all about, with over 4.2 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot, Teepublic looks legit.

But that’s not enough, right? Let’s have a look at what others have to say about Teepublic

The quality of their products are really good! – Sammie (A buyer/Teepublic Designer)

Now, what would you like to say about it? Should its be trusted or not? Is it safe or not? All such questions have one answer 9 million+ people trust Teepublic with buying and selling artworks they cannot be wrong.

With that fact in mind, I would also like to point your attention towards the period it has been in the industry, it was founded in the year 2013 it has been in business for 6+ years if now you don’t trust it I don’t know what you would.

They have 180k+ Instagram followers with a verified blue batch on their account.
Payment Methods To Buy any Design with Teepublic?

To buy a design on this platform you can use your credit card or Paypal.

There are a lot of ways you can buy a designer product from it.
Teepublic Phone number

Even after a lot of research, I didn’t find its phone number but if you like a buyer have any issue with your orders, etc then you can Live chat with Teepublic only on weekdays between 10 am-6 pm EST or email them at help@teepublic.com


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