OS Accordion News

OS Accordion News



The clean and simple OS Accordion News for Joomla is a Joomla Module which uses nice sliding transitions while hovering the items. When you click a item with your mouse the item will expand to show additional information while all other items will be shrinked.

The OS Accordion News uses the articles to display its content. All articles can display any kind of HTML formatted content like text/images/flash and you can even use the “loadposition” Joomla plugin to display a another module inside a article.

Parameter Options

All parameter options for the OS Accordion News module.

A content category which items are used for the OS Accordion NewsItem size (px)
Size of a displayed item. When aligned vertical it’s the items height. When aligned horizontal it’s the items width.Item minimized size (px)
Size of a minimized item. Width/Height depending on the alignment.Ordering
Ordering options (Article Order, Recently Added First, Recently Modified First, Most Popular, Randomize)Read More
Show/Hide the Read More buttonNo. of Items
Maximum no of items to displayModule height (px)
Module height, only needed for horizontal layout


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