Video Youtube and Vimeo

Video Youtube and Vimeo



OSTheme Video YouTube and Vimeo is responsive,module to display YouTube and Vimeo video into your website. This is the simplest and lightest YouTube module all over the world for joomla.
This module display video from youtue with keyword, user id, channel, video, list video.

Available for Joomla 2.5, joomla 3.x


Basic Settings.
* Module Suffix: This will add a class on your module codes.
* Video width & Video height: Width and height of module. Integer value in px or %. Your website is renponsive, you should choose integer value in %. Example 400px or 40%.
* Choose video type: choose youtube or vimeo.

Youtube Settings.
* Choose data: You can choose search by query, user ID and video ID / list video ID
* Data input: Data input width search by, user ID and video ID / list video ID. Example: search by: trailer, userID: Disney, list video ID: 16PCJ-ECpDo,_wppM8ycod0,euKApVMNeAQ.
* start time: Video start with time. Integer value in seconds.
* Theme & color: choose dark or light and red or white.
* Auto hide, auto play, show control, Fullscreen, loop: Show for Yes – Hide for No..

Vimeo Settings.
* Video ID: ID of video from vimeo.
That’s it. Once you are done with all setting click save and see the changes on your site.
If found any difficulties you can just ping us on the forum and we will try our best to help you out.


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